Tuesday, June 30, 2009

architecture - carl bolle elementary school

die baupiloten: carl bolle elementary school - feature on designboom.com

How cool!!

"hidden corners, built-in hiding spaces, the notion of mysteries and spies were the guiding principles for the carl bolle elementary school designed by die baupiloten. it looks as if the school has been reconstructed to look like scene out of children's spy story - communication, movement and research facilities have been developed to give children areas in which to retreat, climb walls,
perch on observation posts. "

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alexander Girard

House Industry has gorgeous toys based on Alexander Girard's design.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shinzi Katoh - Illustration

Super cute and stylish illustration of Shinzi Katoh and great product line.

Lunch box and stainless bottle.
I want this bottle NOW!!!



Adhesive tapes

Great tutorial for baby hand painted card

This is great!. I definitely wanna try this with my girl.

Tutorial featured on Tiny Decor

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rainy Day Suggestions and Brooklyn Summer Fun

Great tips from A Child Grows In Brooklyn.

I love this blog. very useful, up-to-date local information.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Squeaky shoes

We bought this from a gift shop of Butterfly world in miami.

I lost 1 shoe a few weeks ago. Luna took 1 off and threw it out on the street and never saw it again. I walked back 10 blocks but no luck.
But found a online store who carry this and more squeaky shoes :)


flower sandal


poker dots

cute boy shoes too!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Story Time @ Postmark Cafe

It's on Tuesday at 11:00 or Friday at 10:00.
I've been going there on Fridays and I really like it.
the teacher is very nice and the class is well thought out. I've learned lots of children's songs and books from this class with my daughter! the class starts with sing-along then book reading and craft, and even snack for all the kids!

Only bad thing is it's so popular and crowded. sometimes the small room is packed with people sitting on top of each other and there's no window or vent. no air to breathe. packed with kids=germs. ewww.

They have pretty good coffee. very nice small local joint.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brooklyn Poster

from Three Potato Four

Nairobi's Knapsack


A beautiful store. Nice selections of toys and books. They have a great play room and they host playgroup and classes. you can also rent it for birthday parties.
we were just there for a birthday party and i really liked their playroom. everything is clean and modern, the layout of the room and decor is very nice.
They are located in Prospect heights close to Crown heights.
I wish we had something like this in Park Slope!

Here's feature on splendicity.

Halter Pantsuits

sooooo cute!!!
I fell in love as soon as I saw this.
it's 1 piece and so easy to put on and off, great for active girls.
I really like the fish print. how adorable!!! I want one for myself!!!

nonchalant kids - blog post
nonchalant mom website - designer clothing and kids stuff. stylish selection.

Sing-Along @ Perch Cafe

I went to the one on Tuesday @ 10:00. It's such a popular class and it's $5. and it's 5 minutes away from my place. I always wanted to try it out.

I really like Perch as a cafe/restaurant. I love their cobb salad and nacho. very cute interior and nice backyard during summer time.
But I don't think I'll go back to their sing-along class. Very uncomfortable.

the area in the cafe for the sing-along is very small. probably about 100 square feet. and it was ridiculously crowded. there's 3 sofas there and there was about 20 kids + 20 adults crammed into that tiny space. I would say maximum 10 kids + 10 parents or caregiver would fit there comfortably. small space with full of kids = germs. i felt like pouring purell all over myself.

kids sitting on adults lap, no space to move or walk around. how can you interact with music like that? there was just too many people talking over the music and it was so noisy and distracting.

my daughter loves music and loves to dance to it. I'd rather pay for small music classes where she can interact with the teacher and instruments, walk around, jump and dance around.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sweets for tea time

They are so cute I know I'll have hours of tea time with these!

Haba biofino. moolka has great selections.

also a lot of cute handmade fake sweets on etsy.





Toy Tea Set

It's tea time!
my girl is 20 month and she's into kitchen stuff and pretend play lately, so I thought it's a good time to start looking for a nice tea set for her. I found out most of these are age +3 but I don't think I can wait that long...

My first choice, Plan Toys.

$25 bucks, reasonable, comes with everything in the picture above and suger cubes. cute!

Erzi is cute but only come with a teapot and 2 cups. and a little more expensive than Plan Toys set.

This is beautiful if we had space! the birthday cake, the colors.. everything about this is so cute!
Djeco B-day princess tea set.

Design-wise, this doesn't really appeal to me, but simple, minimal, colorful in safe recycled plastic. so why not?
Green toys tea set.

This is super cute too. Handmade tea set!
NiftyKidstuff on Etsy.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Toy Kitchen

Ok, I don't think I have a skill or guts to hack Ikea for my girl's toy kitchen.
So I started looking around.

I have a few preferences:

1. small enough for NY apartment
2. price $100 or below
3. prefer wood
4. comes with lots of bells and whistles.

My first choice is Educo.

1. Educo

this looks great. it comes with all these tools. I love the look and feel of raw wood and a touch of green.

they have a little smaller version too:

This also comes with the same tools above.

2. Plan Toys. I liked this a lot till I see the price. beautiful. but pretty expensive. about $250. no accessories.

Their fridge is beautiful. this is around $250 as well.
I don't wanna spend $500 for toy kitchen set.

Pottery Barn has gorgeous toy kitchens and accessories. this looks so professional. for top chef kids! unfortunately this is over our budget and it wouldn't fit in our small living room.

This is gorgeous.
Momoll Lili Play kitchen
from switzerland. 215.00 € + 125€ for shipping... not for us..

John Crane kitchen combo. from UK. not sure if you can get it in US.