Monday, June 15, 2009

Area Kids

This is a good local store to check out and look through but not to buy from.
good selections of toys and some clothing.
Every time I go there, I get a obnoxious sales person with attitude and had no idea about the products they carry.

now, they don't offer you a shopping bag and instead, you are stuck with an option to buy $5 eco bag. and the sales person preached me that they care about mother earth and we don't have that luxury for plastic bags.

guess what, $5 eco bag is a luxury we don't care, and taking advantage of the "go green" ideas and trying to squeeze little cash out of people doesn't seem to be a positive intention.

and they only gift wrap with ugly purple tissue. if you want it to be gift wrapped in a wrapping paper, you have to buy from them.

So just look at stuff here and go online. you find the same things in better price anyway.

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