Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ceiling lamp.

My favorite is Toby house.
beach ball! so happy and fun. I would totally want this if we had high ceiling apartment.

In reality, we settled with Ikea.
I really like this. looks good and cheap.

Wall or Ceiling. Slide Design. so cool!

Night lamp.
When i was looking around online, i really liked this one.

but it's big. it's 20 inches tall. i wanted something small.

this bear lamp is also cute but also too big for luna's room. 11 inches high. I wanted something a few inches tall.

This table lamp is gorgeous, but also tall. 45.5cm. bummer.
koko table light. Slide Design

kidslovedesign have great lights. it's a european site and they do deliver to US, but the shipping cost for something like this is 55 euro. $$$$$. not for us.

my next pick was candeloo.

rechargeable and portable. perfect. comes in different colors too. they have a new rocket lamp coming out. cute!!

This gummy bear lights are super cute but expensive. i didn't wanna spend $125.

We ended up getting this from Ikea. which I'm really happy with. it's $14.99, rechargeable, portable,small and just enough light. perfect.

comes in different colors and shapes too.

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