Thursday, June 4, 2009

Luna's room

Toy and book shelves: Ikea. this is cheap and great storage solution. the drawers are made safe for little fingers and have just enough space on top. those plastic buckets are only a few bucks each and comes in different colors.

White table with 2 chair: Ikea. I love it. simple and cheap. easy to clean. why would you spend hundreds of $$$ when it's all gonna be full of scribbles and paints? it's for little kids. meant to be destroyed.

Wall Stickers: we bought this at Mini Jake as well. I forgot who makes this.

Crib: We bought this at Schneider's store on 25th st. don't be fooled by their ugly website. they are so much better than buy buy baby or babys r us when it comes to baby furnitures. I forgot what company makes this.

Playmat: by Children's Factory. bought via amazon. My friend recommended this to me. it has 1 inch cushion and the surface is super easy to clean and durable. I used to use skip hop form mat. these form mats are so staticky and gets so dusty and gross. especially if you have pets. I had to use adhesive roller every day all the time. hated it. and babies love to chew on those pieces of forms. ew.

Huge dog: by FAO. Luna's 1 year birthday present from me and danny. so soft. she loves to jump on top of it after taking bath all naked. it's so big it can be used like a bean bag.

big blue cat: by blabla. a gift from a friend. love it.

Mobile : Flensted Mobiles - bought at Mini Jake store in Williamsburg.

Ceiling light: Ikea.

Trash can. I bought this for myself about 10 years ago! still in great shape.
I love Makoto Takahashi's illustration. He's been drawing beautiful little girls since 50s.

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