Monday, June 15, 2009

Toy Kitchen

Ok, I don't think I have a skill or guts to hack Ikea for my girl's toy kitchen.
So I started looking around.

I have a few preferences:

1. small enough for NY apartment
2. price $100 or below
3. prefer wood
4. comes with lots of bells and whistles.

My first choice is Educo.

1. Educo

this looks great. it comes with all these tools. I love the look and feel of raw wood and a touch of green.

they have a little smaller version too:

This also comes with the same tools above.

2. Plan Toys. I liked this a lot till I see the price. beautiful. but pretty expensive. about $250. no accessories.

Their fridge is beautiful. this is around $250 as well.
I don't wanna spend $500 for toy kitchen set.

Pottery Barn has gorgeous toy kitchens and accessories. this looks so professional. for top chef kids! unfortunately this is over our budget and it wouldn't fit in our small living room.

This is gorgeous.
Momoll Lili Play kitchen
from switzerland. 215.00 € + 125€ for shipping... not for us..

John Crane kitchen combo. from UK. not sure if you can get it in US.

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