Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wood toys

I've already put away a lot of baby toys like rattles and teethers, but here are some nice ones Luna still play with. I love the look and feel of wood toys.

1. Play Toys Xylophone - last Christmas gift from a friend.
2. Plan Toys - fruits and vegetable set - also a Christmas/Hannukah gift.
3. A beautiful handmade rattle with moon in the middle. A gift from grandma's friend in Japan.
4. Yoyo from Japan
5. Wooden truck. a gift from a friend. for luna's 1st birthday. Koko Toy from Japan. handmade wooden toys. beautiful stuff.
6. Spinning toy from Japan.
7. Matryoshka maracas. from Russia. a gift from grandma.
8. Fish rattle. from Germany. baby shower gift from a friend.

I just bought this from stoop sale in front of our building. beautiful matching game. $1
Park Slope has the best stoop sales for kids stuff!!


these are some of my favorite I've seen. I really like Ikea toys for the price and quality.


beautiful and great value. $39.99

$5.99. can't beat this!

this is designy and fancy.

Naef: from Swiss. Amazing design. fawn & forest has great selections.
I appreciate and admire toys with artistic quality and craftsmanship like this...

ImagiPlay: I love their puzzles!

Plan Toy: so many good stuff. easy to find in local stores. stuff for babys and also for preschoolers.

Kid O: they have nice wood puzzles. they have a new wood book coming out in July.

Haba: I like their blocks. baby toys are nice too. easy to find in local stores. moolka and oompa carries a lot of their stuff. don't they have a website?? I can't find it..

Little Allouette: for little babies. they also sell on etsy. I like the natural look and feel.

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