Thursday, August 6, 2009

Art of Flying Clock

how pretty! this wall clock is gorgeous...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Personalized Name Hangers for Children’s Clothing

Nice feature on Inhabitots.
Simple and stylish.

I used make barbed wire jewerly using 5mm aluminum wire. I can relate to this.
Maybe one day I'll make something like this to Luna.

How to make a beach ball lantern

I found this cool craft tutorial on Zakka Life.

This is what you use to make.

This is traditional and ordinary paper toy from Japan. Growing up in japan, I always had this around when I was little, but never relate this to a beach ball.

I always thought this paper ball is kind of pointless because 1. it's made of thin paper. breaks easily. 2. doesn't float in the air like baloons. boring.

what a cute idea. thank you Zakka life!

Counting 1.2.3


Charley Harper 123's - beautiful board book. Luna loves this one.

123 New York.
I like Kevin Somers's bold and simple illustrations. Yellow cabs, subway train, bridges.. living in NYC, this is something Luna can relate to.

I'm curious to check out this book too:


123 California. also illustration by Kevin Somers.



Gorgeous letterpress print from Sycamore Street Press.
11x14, small but so beautiful.
Check out other beautiful letter press stationaries at their site.

Ribin Rosenthal
18x24. how cute. it comes in green too.

Counting Birdies
Lad and Lass on Etsy.


by Isak UK. (sold out )